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As the leading Audio/Video specialist in the area, count on us for the best products, advice, and installation. Always at competitive pricing.

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home entertainment

is as individual as your home, one size does not fit all. We have ideas and solutions to integrate the audio / video experience into your space as you want it.

We stock a wide range of high quality components, speakers, and accessories. Our retail facility offers a comfortable environment where you will experience these products. Pick what you like and bring it home!

In addition to our "retail" experience, we offer system design and in home / business consultation. From your new home or re-model plans or a house / office call we will gather information of your needs, layout, and decor.

Having gathered good information on your environment and your needs, we will then present you with a list (worksheet) of suggested components and related goodies along installation estimates as a starting point to work towards your system.

From this worksheet, we tweak it until it fits you and your budget. This process generally happens in-store where we can demonstrate equipment for you.


Depending on your system, there may be an engineering phase where we finalize design and make certain everything will indeed work as intended. This step is not done prior to having arrived at a general design.

Having arrived at the perfect system for you, the fun begins. This process of course varies from project to project, new construction - re-model - retrofit all are handled a bit differently but rest assured, we will work closely with you contractor and associated trades to make your project one you will enjoy.

We will install you system with detail and care from pre-wire to equipment installation, calibration, and programming.

Count on us after the sale for continued support. We've been doing that for over 30 years.

regular living space
is certainly the most common area to add home entertainment, even if you have other dedicated space. Along with equipment, Hear No Evil sells high quality A/V furniture and accessories to blend otherwise sterile equipment into your space tastefully.

dedicated space
is essential for the total A/V experience. Bigger picture, perfect speaker placement, sound treatments, light control all play a part in making you room perfect. Great performing rooms are not afterthoughts. Let us be a part of your project from the design process.

home automation
simplifies your home adding logical, easy to use control-points to all disciplines of your home. Lighting, HVAC, A/V, security, gate, pool... Control from touchpanels, keypads, remotes, scheduler, computer, your phone. Manage you home with ease.

whole house audio / video
simply enhances your home with great sound. Bach in the bathroom and Beethoven on the patio, or the big game everywhere! In wall, in ceiling, part of your landscape, whatever and where ever you want sound, we have ways.

systems from basic background music to basic A/V presentation and video signage to fully automated meeting spaces and MDU's. Regardless of the venue, we have solutions.