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hi-fi monkeys: guys that love gear!

and have since we could walk. That's a long time for some of us.

From design / sales to installation and programming our team works together so you end up with a project you love and enjoy - regardless of scale.


Chris Rasmussen

Sales, design, project management, purchasing, & operations.


Scott Ladd

Store manager. Sales, design, purchasing, & operations.



Alicia Rasmussen

Office manager & administration.


Craig Wolfe

In home installation, programming, make it work guy.


Andrew Rasmussen

Sales, and system design.


Dan Westphal

Sales, design, & systems programming.


Mark Riche

Mobile installation manager, mobile installation, special projects, purchasing & operations.


Jay Chait

In home installation, systems calibration & programming.


Chris Patton

Mobile installation tech, mobile installation, special projects.


Jesse Cota

In home installation, systems calibration & programming.